July 30, 2019

서울의 밤은 특히 아름답다. 낮게 펄럭이는 태극기, 미친듯이 얽힌 전깃줄, 슬리퍼를 끌고나와 담배를 피우는 사람들, 끈끈한 장딴지에 내려앉는 모기. 

운동장처럼 넓은 8차선 도로의 횡단보도를 달리듯이 건너고 나면, 신호에 맞춰 행진하는 붉은 등아래 택시들이 있고, 24시 국밥집에서 충혈된 눈으로 쓴 속을 달랜 행인들이 그것들을 잡아탄다. 

December 19, 2017

It was a great night. Everyone was in the mood. I couldn't take much photos because I had to prepare to recording of the stage. Before it begins I could pick the moments of back stage just a few minutes and I took these photos with my Canon 6D. 

Even there was a lot of crowds, there was no panic. It was very calm. Every actor had smiled without making a noise. I'd love to stay more. 

August 18, 2017

I was at Gyeongbokgung Palace at Seoul. It was beautiful. Like my boyfriend told me, maybe it's not very special the palace reconstructed by patriotisme of the people after had been burned during the Japanese colonial periode. But even though I loved these roof tiles a lot, all the signification with details was wonderful.

So when I retouched this photo with Lightroom, I avoid to lost diffrences between bright side and dark side of the roof. I wished all of them could keep their moment like a finger prints. And these days I like to retouche with balance crushed. In general, maintain the level of constrast is considered as a very important key in photo. Maybe this one look a little bit surrealistic because I pulled up dark side relatively. But I think, when you know what you wanna show, it can have some proper level of constrast. It can be very experimental method, I try to go way more, way far. 

By the way speaking of finger print, second...

July 22, 2017

This is some photos when I've went to Berlin. I took these photos black and white because to me, that moment was really looked like black and white. But weirdly the borderline between the sky and the earth didn't existe. That was a moment we can feel everything is uncertain. 

I took this photo with my favorite camera Fuji X100s. When I finished the exhibition of under ground, it started to rain. I thought these raindrops were like some clothes that they took to cover the secret history. I would not say it is beautiful. It gives us just a very deep unforgettable experience. 

June 2, 2017

 It was a beautiful night at Han river. We had everything we ever wanted. The night with friends, foods and endless stories. Actually I don't remember her name. We couldn't take a last train even it was not very far. Nobody wanted. We decided to walk beside the river until the sun comes up.

Han river is very close to where I lived in Korea. I used to enjoy some night walk here. It made me catch up some things I could have forgotten. 

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